XC Night Riding


Night Riding is the best!

There are only so many hours in the day, so bring on the night, and add a few more. It takes a bit of courage to get out there, but you will soon be amazed at how much fun it is to ride at night. These days the lighting equipment is so good, you feel like the sun is mounted to your bike.

I have noticed there are times when I needed a bit more motivation though to grab my gear and hit the trail when it is dark. It must be some psychological thing. It is usually colder as well.

One of my favorite upsides is that no one is on the trail, and if there are others, it is pretty easy to see with your bright light.

Tip: Do not try to save money on weak lights. Do not only by the bar light or the helmet light, you need both!  One light for your handlebars and one light for your helmet.

2 lights, endless fun, 1 light, not as much fun, and much more dangerous.  Do it right and have a great time!!!!