XC Cross Country Mountan Bike Racing Bike Setup

Getting your bike set up properly really is the key to enjoying this sport. A poorly setup bike is likely to cause you to crash, damaging your expensive XC mountain bicycle and even causing injuries to its pilot, that’s you.

XC-MountainBike.com features many articles on the subject of proper XC Cross Country MTB mountain bike setup, and if you are a beginner – intermediate rider, you should consider enhancing your knowledge, so you can make the best decisions possible in an effort to maximize your riding enjoyment.

Remember, just because you have ridden for many years, this doesn’t mean you actually know how to fine tune your MTB bicycle.

Also if you typically rely on a shop to always make your adjustments it is important to provide the shop / bicycle mechanic with specific preferences and exact adjustments.

Failure to do so could be hindering your performance in certain areas, either climbing and / or descending just based on poor setup.

XC Mountain Bike Setup Articles