How to Mountain Bike (XC 101)

Everyone start offs as a beginner rider, and sometimes even XC racers at higher levels have developed bad habits and need to refresh the basics.

Start learning the basic skills about bike setup that if properly adhered to will propel your XC riding level very quickly to the next level of the sport.

Basic XC Mountain Biking Setup & Learning Center:

XC 101 Bike & Gear Advice

Our staff at was very excited to discover how much interest there is in mastering the basic art of XC riding.  This fact drove us to the conclusion that there is a great need as well for information on selecting the correct XC mountain bike, gear and tools for the trail and at home in your garage.

For those of you who are looking for information on “How to buy your first mountain bike for XC Racing or Recreation” click here.

Learn How to Mountain Bike: XC Mountain Biking Skills

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