Top 5 Best XC Race Mountain Bikes for Ladies on Sale

Are you an experienced lady XC mountain biker, or new to the sport of XC mountain biking, well we have 5 of the best XC mountain bike for ladies on sale for XC mountain bike racing selected for your pleasure and priced from low to high for the budget minded woman rider all the way up to discounted pro mountain bicycle level.

Number 1 Best XC Race Mountain Bike for Ladies looking to Test the Waters of XC

The 2016 Diamondback Calico is a good value for the money.  I think Diamondback was smart no to include a cheap front fork, but rather run a steel fork in the front of the bike and add better components throughout.  This bike is perfect for a newbie who want to ride in town and hit some mild fire trails. If you are gym rat perhaps you could handle some tougher terrain but a sold fork will really shake you up.  Remember you can always upgrade the front fork if you like the sport to a suspension mountain bike fork.

This is an entry level frame and the head tube isn’t tapered so it will limit your fork selection a bit, but again if you new to the sport this bike could be a great choice for a couple years as you get more into it.  I rode a folding bike with a solid steel boat that used with my sailboat on Catalina Island in CA putting on 60 miles a week on fire roads, street road and some pretty bumpy trails, so don’t let the fork discourage you if you are in shape and don’t plan on coming down a black diamond ski run.

2016 Diamondback Calico Bike

$500 (17% Off) MSRP $600

Number 2 Best XC Race Mountain Bike for Ladies looking to for Steal Under $1000

It is obvious Raleigh has great buying power to provide such a wonderful frame and parts at such a great price.  It is rare to get a tapered head tube at this price which is the latest and greatest technology for head tubes, plus the front fork is a great entry level fork and not junk by any means like a lot of other company provide at this price point.  It is a RockShox 30 Silver Solo Air, Lock out, 100mm.  It is also unheard of to get a 15mm front axle and a 12mm rear axle at such a reasonable price point.  I am really sold on the 2016 Raleigh Ziva Comp XC Mountain Bike, with its mix of SRAM X5 and X7 how great it is to see Raleigh back in the game.  Winner hands down.

Raleigh Ziva Comp 27.5 Womens Bike

$999 (9% Off) MSRP $1099

Number 3 Best XC Race Mountain Bike for Ladies looking for a Steal Under $1500

At we strive to find entry level riders, or budget minded riders bikes that are not only discounted, but are built to last using quality components, well designed frames with woman specific geometry.  This beauty is has all Shimano Deore, WTB sx19 tubeless ready rims, and a great RockShox XC 32 TK 100mm Tapered.  Plus Koan has continued to use the higher quality more expensive 7005 aircraft grade aluminum where other manufactures cheap out and run the 6000 series, and try claim its because the frame is lighter.  Well its a fraction lighter but much weaker, so you be the judge.  Kona has an excellent reputation and this is a steal.

Kona Mohala Women’s Bike 2014

$849 (35% off) MSRP $1299

Number 4 Best XC Race Mountain Bike for Ladies looking for a Solid Package

The 2015 Cannondale Trail SL 29 1 Women’s Bike is only available online through their outlet so make your purchase fast.  This bike has a wonder part components for the price.  In fact it’s so good I really can’t believe it.  Cannondale provides a 1.5″ head tube which is what you get on a Downhill or serous Enduro mountain bike.  Enjoy an all Shimano.mix of Deore, SLX and XT.  The real hands down winner is the front suspension fork.  It’s a RockShox REBA RL 29, 80mm, Solo Air, PushLoc remote lockout, rebound, tapered alloy steerer.  Sick fork.  Insane wheelset to at this price, I can’t believe its so cheap?  Wheels: Stan’s ZTR Rapid 29’er, 32 hole, tubeless ready.  They claim the weight is sub 22lbs.  Get out and race this thing, and win!

2015 Cannondale Trail SL 29 1 Womens Bike

$1499 (21% Off) MSRP $1899

Number 5 Best XC Race Mountain Bike for Ladies looking to Dominate

Juliana bikes, in case you don’t know are specifically designed by women for those ladies who are looking for high quality equipment, with no sacrifices.  When you purchase a Juliaina bike, you on an XC mountain bike that can withstand the toughest XC trails and AM you can throw at it.  It’s worth spending a little more and investing in quality.  If not you will break parts all the time, have many malfunctions on the trail and simply not enjoy mountain biking like you should when your ride high-end equipment.  The sad new is this time of year almost all the real deals are gone, so get on it if your serious.

Juliana Joplin Carbon R Complete Mountain Bike – 2015

$2719 (20% Off) MSRP $3399

Last Updated: 4/13/2018