The Secret to Ripped Flat Abs for XC Moutain Bike Racers

A ripped set of flat ABs is easier than you ever thought possible with my training method.

When it comes to your stomach, your abdominal muscles truly set the stage for not only an amazing looking physique, but for the XC mountain bike racer, this core strength is crucial for landing on the podium.

The 2 Keys to Getting Fast, Ripped AB Muscles

  1. Your body must be lean.  You must maintain a low body fat level that ranges from 3-7%.  Diet and cardio are key.
  2. 5 consecutive days a week you need to perform my routine of 3 sets each for 3 stomach exercises,  This is a total of 9 exercises and takes about only 15-20 minutes of your time.

I have worked hard to not only perfect a system that is injury free, but one that works quickly with very minimal time required on your part.

So here is the ebook in PDF format for only $5.99:

Speedy ABs for the Cyclist

No matter what age you are, you will greatly improve your riding performance by increasing your body’s core strength.  Your core is the central balance point and control center for both your upper body and lower body.

Here is the table of contents and introduction from Speedy ABs for the Cyclist, to get you all fired up to start the workout ASAP:

Speedy ABs for Cyclists Includes:

  • Core Strength Training Program
  • Meals & Recovery Recipes Plus Calorie Guide
  • Weight Loss & Maintenance Program
  • Food Cost & Sourcing Shopping Guide

Speedy ABs for Cyclists Benefits:

  • No Gym or Special Equipment Required
  • Only 15 minutes Per Day, 5 Days a week at Home for Amazing Results
  • Perfect for Beginners thru Advanced
  • No supplements needed

Table of Contents

Cover 1
Speedy ABs for Cyclists – Get Results Fast 2
Disclaimer 3
Introduction 3
Chapter 1 – Speedy ABs for Cyclists – Quick Start Guide 4
Selecting the Correct Daily Nutritional Program 4
Chapter 2 – Speedy ABs for Cyclists Food Cost & Sourcing Guide 5
Chapter 3 – Speedy ABs for Cyclists Daily Nutrition System – Recipes & Caloric Intake Guide 5
Weight Loss Program 6
Recipes & Caloric Calculations 7
Breakfast 7
Lunch & Dinner 7
After Workout Recovery Smoothie* 7
Maintenance Mode 8
Chapter 4 – Speedy ABs for Cyclists Workout 8
Stretching Exercises 9
Neck Rotations 9
Spinal Twist 9
Arm Circles – Forward & Reverse Motion 10
Side Bends 11
AB Workout Exercises 11
Sit-ups 12
Sit-ups with knees up 12
Rollouts 13
L-Sit 13
Conclusion 14
Acknowledgements 15
Must Reads by this Author 15


Most AB programs simply take too long to achieve your desired goals. In addition other Abdominal / Core building programs do not monopolize on the natural strengths of the cyclist.

Speedy ABs for Cyclists is geared specifically to us, written by an avid racer / riding enthusiast with over 30 adult years under his belt on all two wheel disciplines.

Of course below his belt is a ripped abdominal region that you will soon share.

It is no secret cyclists tend to already be leaner in body fat. Much of this is due to the fact cycling is a high cardio sport. Plus the cyclist’s arms, legs and core region already have substantial strength.

Thus, Speedy Abs for Cyclists will greatly accelerate the time and ease it takes you to achieve your abdominal shaping.

The best part of Speedy Abs for Cyclists is you can still eat meat, carbohydrate rich foods like rice and pasta, fatty foods like coconut and peanut butter, fruits, vegetables and even yogurt and ice cream. The author does (as seen on the front cover), and he is 47 since 5/2017.