The secrets of healing after a bad mountain bike crash, or because you have strained or pulled muscles is amazingly simple. These tips are designed for both body maintenance before and after you ride. They should become part of your overall routine / lifestyle and not just limited to the sport of cross country mountain biking.

Follow my advice below. The more you can incorporate, the faster your body will start healing in the future.


  1. Hot and Cold Treatments. After your workout concentrate on any sore areas. Start with your knees. Jump in the shower and run the coldest water you can on your knees for 3 minutes. Then as hot as you can stand for 3 minutes. Do at least 3-5 cycles. You will thank me! It acts as a pump to drive blood to the area, causing improved circulation which in turn heals, decreasing swelling and offering instant pain relief in the area(s) you focus on. Obviously professional athletes do this with a whirlpool, but the shower also works miracles.
  2. Lots of water, while your ride, after you ride and every day you don’t ride. Nothing beats the power of water. Avoid artificial drinks, just get in the habit of water, water, water. If you can’t stand plain water, try Organic Herbal Teas. They are good hot and cold, with honey or without.
  3. Flood your body with 100% organic, raw nutrition in the form of juicing fresh vegetables / fruits and / or healthy real food smoothies. My smoothie in the picture above contains 100% organic coconut milk, strawberries, dates, bananas and flax oil. Delicious!!!
  4. Detox! Read my Detox article.
  5. Nutrition! Read my Nutrition article.
  6. The best health advice and products money can buy.  Dr. Schultze   I won’t touch anything else.  I have tried everything, and these are the first products that ever worked.

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