Detox – The Fountain of Youth for Athletes

There is no hocus pocus here! Only products that work, and products that don’t.

The Detox concept is easy to understand.

You put a water filter in your sink, and after many months you pull it out to replace it, because your water starts tasting bad, and the flow of water has been greatly reduced.

Upon removal you discover it is disgusting and ready for the trash, so in it goes.

You install a new one and the water tastes great again and the water flow has returned to normal.

In its simplest form, this is detoxing.  Your colon, liver and kidneys are your body’s filter.  Overtime they get over polluted, filthy and they become less effective. This puts great strain on on your body, your health and your energy are greatly reduced!!!!

There are simple time tested solutions that draw out the poison.  Easy to do, inexpensive, and totally safe if you use these recommended products.  The secret to the entire system all starts with the Colon Cleanse.  Many sick people have been healed just removing all the parasites, heavy metals and toxins from this vital organ first.

Your AMA doctor of course who makes his living pimping pharmaceutical drugs will try and discourage you telling you there is no medical evidence to support detoxing. This shouldn’t be any big surprise since the medical machine makes its money by selling patented chemical cocktails, and has little desire to actually cure disease with natural herbs that grow in any ones backyard.  Do you have any idea how much money the medical industry make each year from cancer research alone?  Don’t be foolish and think they will make even more money if they find a cure.  Sick people make money for doctors, healthy people don’t go to the doctor!

If you detox correctly, and consistently throughout your life, hopefully you will never have to see a doctor again.  I have never gone back and feel 15 years younger.  It isn’t in my head either as I have proof it works!

After I went hardcore all organic food, regular detoxing I started riding with the local mountain bike pros (some days even a bit faster).  These guys did it all, XC, FR and DH.  They were lightning fast and oozing with skills.  Did I mention they were 15 years younger.  No B.S. They couldn’t believe it, nor could I. This was about 5 years ago. Still going, still feeling great!!!!

Important – You do have to be serious, and stop eating, drinking and smoking all the toxic crap out there.  That is the bad news for some, and the good news for those looking for the golden chalice of rejuvenation.

NOTE – There are many detox products out there but only these are clinically tested all Organic / Wild Harvested, and you bet your AS@……. these really work!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why bother experimenting with products that are questionable or not as effective. Don’t waste your money.

I won’t touch anything else.  Dr. Richard Schultze is a living legend when it comes to his work and successful healing.  I use the stuff, and will never go back to my old lifestyle, it sucked.  I feel absolutely amazing, never get sick, and feel many years younger.  My body, because of my all organic diet and herbal program is ripped and I look like I was in my late 20’s, I am 47 now.  You can see my physique on the cover of my new book “XC Racers CycloFitness”  My program didn’t get rid of all my gray, but, hey Dr. Schultze isn’t God, just an expert in his field.

Tip: Drink lots of water each day. You have to develop the habit of drinking / flushing your body with enough water each day for proper performance. You know when you pee and your pee looks like water, that is good. When it is golden yellow, that’s bad. Go for clear and be healthy!

Below is a list of some of Dr. Schultze’s cleanse products that are designed to help you develop a new lifestyle of healthy living.  You can buy from this 3rd party source, or direct.  If you take some time to learn and check out the various products on his site, there are many you will be interested in.  I will discuss them in more details in other articles / posts.

Best Organic Green Powder

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