Broken Bicycle Seat

No up your shaft!!!

Oh yeah the joys of a broken seat. In the middle of nowhere, it is a great honor to be with your friend, the large ominous protruding seatpost.

Not that long ago we were on a massive XC ride. We just finished some insane climb and decided to take the short obligatory break.

My friend Dave, who is a 6 footer Clydesdale type, decided to stretch a bit while sitting on his bike locked into his pedals.

Snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! into your morning…

The meager little aluminum bolt that held the seatpost to the seat, broke. It was most likely fatigued anyway and this was probably one of the safer places it could have broken. Although it might have been better if it had happened back at the homestead wrangling a cold refreshment.

Dave, a trooper, beyond troopers cleaned the rest of the uphill.  Nothing like an old school gruel uphill without a seat in your bleep… to test your skills

Only Jackie Chan, and a few well trained circus bears can be insured for such a stunt, and now my friend Dave is also qualified.

Moral of the story is, buy a cheap, replacement bolt and carry it with for long rides, or you and other very important regions of your body might be sorry for some time.