Cross Country Mountain Bike Strength Training Warm Up

It is important to warm up and get the heart ticking before you begin your Calisthenic workout.  Before you begin the mountain bike strength training warm up use my stretch program first.


The mountain bike strength training warm up cardio workout below is used to accompany your Calisthenics workout and should be performed prior.

Run in Place

5 minutes (knees up high)

Jumping Jacks

As many as you can for or max at 3 minutes

Spinning and / or Treadmill

(Substitute for the above, or add on if you like)

Hit the trainer for 5-10 minutes with a 1 minute mountain bike strength training warm up slowly working to a fast pace, on a low tension setting.  This isn’t about strength, and it should be low leg impact, but getting your heart rate up.

Repeat complete cycle once more if you can.

Now let’s begin the XC Upper Body strength training program.