XC Mountain Bike Strength Training Program Upper Body

Join me as I share my successful interval style upper body and stomach workout. Block out about 30-45 minutes to complete this all Calisthenics workout which requires no weight equipment, but delivers amazing results. The best part is you can workout on the go, and your not a slave to a gym.

Before you begin, you need to stretch.  Next warm up.  Now start your upper body workout.

Combined Endurance / Interval Workout*

*Note: No rest between (mountain bike strength training program upper body #1 and mountain bike strength training program lower body exercises), all back to back. 1-2 minute rest between pull up sets on upper body #2.

It is natural to have an area that builds faster, so you may already be uneven chest at the start. If this is the case you can adjust your repetitions to focus on a particular part of the chest. For example decline pushups work the lower region of your chest and you may want to build more of this area up. Inclines the upper portion, and flat pushups work the middle region, usually where you are the biggest to start with.

If your growth is fairly even across your chest, try and keep your pushup repetitions across sets all close to the same number, primarily in an effort to keep your build even across your chest. Some areas simply grow faster, and adjustments to repetitions can be made as needed for the various pushup types.

Mountain Bike Strength Training Program – Upper Body #1

Incline Pushup (optional flat or knuckle)

Leg Lifts

Flat Pushup (knuckle)

Oblique Sit ups

Decline Pushup (knuckle)


Incline Pushup (optional flat or knuckle)

Standard Sit up

Flat Pushup (knuckle)


Decline Pushup (knuckle)

Advanced Pushups if you need more:

Wide Grip Pushups (knuckle)

Close Grip Pushups (knuckle)

Clapping Pushups (flat)

One Arm Pushups (optional flat or knuckle)

Upper Body #2

Pull-ups (3 sets, 1-2 minute rest between sets)

Do as many repetitions per set as you can.

I prefer pull-ups on rings when available. If there is no park nearby with a bar, consider something for your home, which usually has the option for dips, leg lifts and other exercises as well. They also still sell the old fashioned door mount pull bar as well that are very affordable.

Nothing beats these power tower rigs, it is absolutely amazing how such a simple device offers so many exercises and delivers such amazing results without weights and at such an affordable price.

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


Mountain Bike Strength Training Program – Gaining Strength:

As you feel up for it, attempt to increase your repetitions in each set. Some days you may not be able to do as many while other days you will feel stronger. On days you feel weaker, don’t push yourself to the point of injury.

If you do feel you have strained yourself from a previous workout, skip a day or two as needed to recover. Remember it is better to skip days and not work out, then to cause an injury that might require a week or more of downtime to repair.

I am 44 now and after 3 months here is where what I have achieved.

30 of each push up above (basic, no advanced pushups) for a total of 180 pushups.

3 sets up pullups set 1: 20 repetitions, set 2: 12 repetitions, set 3: 10 repetitions

80 leg lifts

50 crunches each set, 2 sets performed.

50 standard situps 1 set.

40 obliques each side, 1 set right, 1 set left.

Not bad, for no weights, and the results have been outstanding.  If you’re serious check out my stretching guide, and recovery guide.

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