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Competitive XC Mountan Bike Racers: Strength Training

Want to get strong? Then join me, and we will gain strength together without weights, and without expensive gym memberships.

XC MTB Racing Strength Training Workout Articles

For maximum results as far as strength gains and recovery time, you need to focus on your nutritional intake and ensuring you are consuming what I like to call the “Royal Diet“. You know, only what the king would eat.

Not the peasant diet that most of the population eats, but only the best, cleanest, tastiest foods, prepared naturally without any chemical pesticides, herbicides, preservatives or gene tampering (GMO).

Need more proof how the Kings eat:

President Obama, First Lady and Family:


Prince Charles:


Are you still with me? If so, I am happy to help coach you and develop additional strength in an effort to make you more competitive and healthier throughout your journey on this planet.

XC-MountainBike.com is in the process of developing the professional level nutritional course for you to combine with our strength training techniques used by the best athletes in the world..

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