The Best Bicycle Multi Tool for XC Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing

Nothing can save the day faster when you’re deep into the woods on a dusty trail, and a mechanical rears its ugly head.

Even worse if you are in the heat of a race, and you crash, causing damage to your beautiful new XC team racing mountain bike.

Don’t panic and don’t sweat it. Reach for your trusty multi tool, and make life good again.

Of course if you don’t have one, or you bought the wrong one, life may not be so grand. No one likes to hump their bike out of the woods for miles / kilometers. If you don’t already know, even the lightest Cross Country bicycle gets heavy after 2-3 miles on your back.

So, since these multi tools are prone to breaking, and sometimes the one you like doesn’t have one of the tools you have come to love, let’s carefully analyze the pricing and reviews to see if we can pinpoint the best mountain bike multi tool(s) on the market as you will surely want to own many of these great gadgets.

Here are the criteria to be aware of when making a purchase:

Bicycle Multi Tool Weight:

Without a doubt, especially for the XC Cross Country mountain biker, weight is always an issue, as every little thing you carry adds up to a fair amount of weight when you finally clip in and start your ride.

On the flipside, while there are very strong lightweight materials like titanium used on bicycle multi tools, some lightweight tools simply don’t hold up, and only offer a few uses before they start to break.

Thus we must search for a happy medium that combines weight and strength.

Bicycle Multi Tool Strength:

This is the goal, the dream. The perfect combination of space age lightweight materials that are so strong, they can withstand being launched from a cannon. While this is possible, it not always practical due to a rider’s budget limitations, so there will be compromise.

Bicycle Multi Tool Features:

What are all the fun little things the tool comes with that you can tinker with? I can’t tell you how many times I have considered carrying more than one tool, and even had too carry two because I simply couldn’t find all the right combination of tools I needed in one multi tool.

Let’s see if it is possible, that a manufacture has done it perfect, and made the best multi tool money can buy.

Bicycle Multi Tool Design / Usability:

How easy is the tool to use? For example, a Ferrari is a great car, but just try getting your hands into the engine to pull out parts. You have to train a wild rat to get into there and help.

The same can be said for bicycle multi tools. Some are great designs. Some seem like great designs in the shop before you use them, while others simply let you down in the real world on the trail or especially in a race, when you need them the most.

Bicycle Multi Tool Materials:

 Today, there are many options from steel, aluminum and titanium on the metal end to plastic and carbon. Plus an array of ever expanding coatings keep arriving on the seen to prevent rust and other corrosion.

The perfect combination is what we are after, so let’s see if these multi tool, reviews can surface the best option.

 Bicycle Multi Tool Warranty / Company Reputation:

 This is always a bonus, does the company offer a good warranty, good customer service and do they have an industry reputation?

Granted this isn’t like buying a $5000 XC Cross Country team race bike.

 Bicycle Multi Tool Affordability:

 Can we afford this elusive perfect multi tool, or is it like big foot?

 Bicycle Multi Tool Carrying Case:

Bonus, everybody loves the perfect well made lightweight and durable multi tool holster to sheath our trusty sidekick.

Now that we have the criteria set in place, let’s begin having some fun and checking out the various reviews on the Best and Worst of bicycle multi tools,.

Below are the most popular multi tools, representing the best technology and the designers currently have to offer from the big players like Crank Brothers, Topeak, Shimano, Park Tools and more. Check out the pricing, reviews, and current sale pricing to make the best purchasing decision.

Mountain Bike Multi Tools

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