Best Bicycle Took Kit for XC Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing

best-bicycle-tool-kit-park-toolsBuilding the Perfect Bicycle Tool Kit

Ok, you read our article on the XC Mountain Bike Racing Spare Parts you need, and realize, without the proper tools in your kit, you are in trouble.

Well if you are in it to win, or just want the freedom and satisfaction of keeping your trusty bicycle stable in perfect working order you must have the best bicycle tool kit to do it.

Personally I have been very disappointed with the majority of the mechanics who I paid top dollar to work on my bike over the years. I simply got so fed up with them and decided to purchase my own bicycle tool kit so I can do most of the work myself.

This way your XC mountain bike gets the proper maintenance it needs, and I am not about to do things that endanger my life, like many shops have done in the past due to carelessness.

Without a doubt you should have a multi tool in your pack at all times, and we have just the article for you where we break down / review all The Best XC Mountain Bike Racing Multi Tools on the market.

This tool kit we are designing here is your non-carry / non-portable kit that should remain in your car or with your gear or closer trackside if it is safe.

XC Mountain Bike Shop Kit

Here are my picks for the best bicycle tool kits. Cheap tool kits break, and they are just a waste. Pretty soon you start missing tools from your cheap kit, and have to buy new ones anyways. Do it right, use what the shops use.

Editor’s shop kit picks, he likes professional shop tools:


Professional bike stand

A professional bike stand for serious XC mountain bikers is a must, especially if you want to dial in your shifting. If not you make a tweak go pedal, then you have to repeat this drill over and over, with very small gains.

If you live in a apartment or small room with your bikes, this can act as a stand for them as well. Finally they are collapsible to take with on your actual race day event.


Truing Stand

A professional XC racing truing stand is an absolute must. No doubt your XC mountain bike racing wheels are delicate, and will need to be adjusted periodically.

In addition your XC wheelset was most likely a very expensive investment, protect it by keeping your rims in spec.

Mountain Bike Shop Tools for your Garage or Race Day


These tools will save you a bundle and time in the long run once you become competent and don’t have to pay the shop any more for service you can perform. Many of us truly enjoy the satisfaction of servicing our own bikes.

Plus tools are always a good investment, and if they are taken care of they can last a life time. If you do decide to sell them or upgrade, if you purchased quality tools, they hold a very substantial amount of their value for future resale.

Finally you can always hang out your shingle or at least service your friends bikes to make a few extra bucks once you have the best bicycle took kit in your riding circle.

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