Cannondale XC Cross Country Racing Bikes

Cannondale Bicycles are wonderful machines.  Cannondale has truly been on of the more innovative bicycle companies.

Some how they stay on the pace and often introduce new concepts and technologies that are often 3-5 years ahead of their time.

No on has been able to match their innovative lefty fork technology on their higher end Cannondale XC mountain bikes built for racing.

Also as an added bonus most models allow you to run any front fork you opt for.  Back in the day you were very limited on certain models, but that is thing way in the past.

So looking forward, if you want a truly competitive steed, with a company that stands behind their warranties, go Cannondale.  From personal experience they really took care of me with my warranty situation and could have been a real nightmare.

Here is my old Cannondale enduro rig, and I raced it in Super D and Downhill and it held its own for what it was intended for.  Light years ahead for the other guys with its 12mm rear axle and, 1.5″ head tube.  Plus I had it weighing around 33lbs which isn’t bad for 180mm in the front and 170mm in the rear.

If you want a great bike, click here to get your hands on an XC Cannondale mountain bike on sale.

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