Brianhead Utah Mountain Bike Riding Destination

Brianhead UT Mountain Bike Park

This is by far one of my favorite XC mountain bike riding destinations. For both XC mountain bike racing at a national level, or just crushing the local XC mountain bike trails.

Brian head Utah resort is an affordable, fun mountain bike destination.

If you are looking for the best weather report I have ever found for mountain biking and skiing in Utah, with multiday reports, snow conditions and lift status, check out Brian Head Utah’s own TV channel. TourTV the Brian Head Channel on Channel 8-4 SCC or

Here is a shot of the XC mountain bike race course on race day.

Here is a shot of me enjoying the beauty of a long peaceful XC mountain bike ride at Brianhead UT

If you are looking for some altitude training as well, 9000 feet is going to get you in shape for almost everywhere.

For those who love to ski / snowboard and mountain bike ride, consider buying real estate in Brian Head. It is super affordable and living here is like a dream come true. To check out the latest real estate MLS listings in Brian Head Utah click here.

The summers are warm to hot and dry, with options to ride in the bike park, or to explore nearby trails.

The terrain varies from, hard packed to tree roots, rock gardens and some sandier areas.

All the amenities you would expect are available since this is ski resort as well. If you are driving from the west coast, we found spending the night in Las Vegas, NV not only was a blast, but it made the drive seem short since it broke it up in half.

Don’t forget to check out the riding in Bootleg Canyon, NV as well.

In the summer time, the mountain is much less used as compared to winter events, so the lodging is more affordable, and there is a much more relaxed easy going atmosphere, that is very nice.

As always, any mountain bike purchase you make at a ski resort / bike shop are going to be much more expensive, so remember to bring spares and extra XC mountain bike tires, etc.

The XC mountain bike race courses are very challenging, altitude aside and the overall organization we experienced during our race events was satisfactory.

Obviously the best of both worlds would be to participate on race day and then continue to stay longer to just enjoy even more riding when things come down as well.

I personally like to do both. Sometimes race days are hectic and just do not allow for enough riding since are you trying not to over exert yourself in an effort to win the race.

It is also enjoyable to watch the other races going off and cheer for the riders.

On non lift assisted days, it didn’t take us long at all to get to the close by trail heads where we experienced some very memorable rides.

If you need Brianhead Utah Mountain Bike Riding Destination race information click here.

This page was last updated on Sep, 29 2021