2016 Jamis Dakota 29 Team Mountain Bike Review & Pro, Comp, Sport

2016 Jamis Dakota D29  Team MTB Racing Bike

First Impressions

Very capable, sleek and powerful for its slim lines. After seeing the weight at an amazing 19.5 lbs, this thing is like riding a carbon road bicycle with claws that will shred any XC trail.

Paint & Colors

The black underlying carbon accented by tasteful white, blue and red accents, for my taste is spot on for a team bike. The bike isn’t too showy, but you can see it is built for XC speed. Great job.

Frame Design

Perfection. In my opinion an uninterrupted seat post on a hardtail is the only way to go, for strength, and so a rider can truly get the full range out of their seat post, without sacrificing any strength. Not everyone wants to add an extra pound for a dropper.

Smart cable routing.

Frame Sizes

Jamis is on top of it. They full range of sizes for adult riders, both men and women.

I teeter between the 15” and 17” option, even though I am 5’7”. Usually I go 15”, if I feel most of my riding will be aggressive XC. Plus the 15” is a great fit for my wife. The 15” is just a drop on the bigger size for her at 5’3” but it makes sense with her riding style, she prefers climbing.

This 15” and 17” have a 71 degrees head angle, a nice blend of responsiveness without going over the limit. The 19” and 21” have a 70 degree head angle, slightly more slack as we are talking only 1 degree and there are other factors that help equalize the balance of the bike. The stand over height and bottom bracket height is perfect.

For 2016 the seat angle in now 73 degrees for all frame sizes, which provides a nice balance for climbing while still providing the rider with a great control on the descents.

The wheel base (41.96”-44.21”) (1066mm-1132mm) increases with the size of the frame, and makes the bike very flickable offering remarkable control over very rough terrain. For 2016, the wheel base was adjusted slightly by 2mm shorter than the 2015 models.

The 12 x 142 rear thru axle is now the standard and I think you could not ask for better rigidity and strength from the rear triangle on such a lightweight bike. A stainless steel chain stay protector is integrated into the frame and important for a carbon frame. A replaceable derailleur hanger, press fit 30 bottom bracket, 1 1/2 – 1 1/8 tapered head tube ensure the frame can perform and withstand everything you have to throw at it.

Bike Weight

It is nice to see Jamis isn’t scared to let the world know what the weight of their bikes are. Most brands are too scared to declare the weights, and have buried the information in some deep vault in the middle of the earth. Who knows, maybe someone will tell them about this new fangled thing called a bike scale.

This one has a claimed weight of 19.5 lbs., unreal!!! This is a full .5 pound drop over last years model. My carbon road bike isn’t that much lighter.

Carbon quality

Jamis produces a high quality carbon frame now across its whole line, and fares well compared to the other manufacturers on the market. This how they describe their carbon fiber lay-up process, “The Dyad lay-up schedule employed on our D29 frames utilizes two different types of high modulus carbon fibers, applied in specific sequences and angles to maximize strength, stiffness and ride quality in the lightest possible package. The Dyad Supreme lay-up on the Team results in a frame that is 20% lighter and 15% stiffer!”.

Parts grouping

All the best here. The Jamis Dakota Team bike is running all SRAM XX1 drivetrain and brakes, with a Ritchey WCS carbon cockpit and SID XX World Cup fork.

The Jamis dual density lock on grips are the only option for riding. Jamis has made a great choice with their stem lengths and rise sized perfect for each frame size. In addition, the handlebars have some rise and a good width. The stem and handlebars are 31.8 for extra muscling strength in the front end.


The SRAM XX hydraulic discs are a great addition, light weight with excellent stopping power. The Dakota is light enough so Jamis can run a 160mm front & 140mm rear centerline X rotors. I like the avid levers as well, they fit my fingers nicely.

Front Suspension

The front fork is a Rock Shox SID XX World Cup 29, 100mm travel XC fork with 32mm stanchions, 15mm Maxle Lite axle, external rebound, remote lock-out, Solo Air spring, tapered alloy steerer, motion control damping, with magnesium lowers. This is one of the best forks currently available for XC riding.


The Stan’s NoTubes ZTR Crest Team 29″ tubeless disc wheels make for a great lightweight yet strong, fast rolling wheelset. They feature 3.30 Series 32H 15mm axle front and 12x142mm rear hubs with DT Swiss SuperComp spokes and DT Swiss alloy nipples. The alloy nipples and spokes really help shave weight without too much strength sacrifice. Just be carefully on those alloy nipples with your spoke wrench, they strip much easier than brass.



Final thoughts

I love this D29 hardtail so much, it is tearing me apart, buy this one or the full suspension Dakar. I might just go for the hardtail, it is so sweet, I want to jump on this thing and just start shredding through a full pack of XC racers.

You could buy 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Team Racing Mountain Bike and join me.


This bike is a dream, and it has everything, power windows, leather bucket saddle, the works. If you are serious about getting on the podium of your next XC / Cross Country race, grab one while you can as availability on team bikes can be limited.

Finally, if you don’t win any races on the Dakota D29 team bike, might I suggest a new riding coach. Maybe we can help. Check out our articles on Strength, Endurance and Nutrition at XC-MountainBike.com


This was my only small complaint as well on the team Dakar bike. Where is the chain guide? I don’t think they would have hit that beautiful to my ears 19.5 lbs. if they add it. No worries, I will…

I suggest a 160 gram MRP Micro Chain Retention System.

My chain can get real hard to handle in an XC mountain bike race and often tries to eject itself from my bike. That’s a lot of nerve.

Hint:Availability is limited on Team Models, so if your serious about racing, and want to win buy a 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Team Racing Mountain Bike while their available.

Rating: 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Team Carbon Racing Mountain Bike Review:

Sizing: (5 stars)
Componentry: (5 stars)
Design: (5 stars)
Performance: (5 stars)
Price Point: (4 stars)
Overall Rating: (5 stars)

Other models in Review

The other models, the Jamis Dakota D29 Pro, all feature the same high quality carbon frame as the team bike and while the level of the components is downgraded to lower the price point, you can’t go wrong with any of these models to begin your racing career, or for true recreation at its best. The Jamis Dakota D29 Comp and Jamis Dakota D29 Sport run aluminum frames with the same geometry found on the carbon models

In a nutshell to make a quick Jamis Dakota D29 Pro review, Jamis Dakota D29 Comp review and the Jamis Dakota D29 Comp review: Each models is a true racer, and a serious value. All Dakota D29 share the the legendary geometry fo the Jamis Dakota D29 Carbon Team Frame so you get a great foundation to start with whether you are running carbon or aluminum.

Each bikes components can be slowly upgraded, either to match the team specs, or to your requirements. Each model has a different price point to fit all budgets and intended usage?

We invoked the XC-MountainBike.com Rating System to Review the Jamis Dakota D29 Pro, Jamis Dakota D29 Comp & Jamis Dakota D29 Sport

2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Carbon Pro XC MTB Racing Bike

Rating: 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Pro Carbon Racing Mountain Bike Review:

Review Summary:

The 2016 Jamis Dakota D29″ Pro Carbon Racing Mountain Bike is (MSRP $2999)22.25 lbs and comes in 2.75 lbs. heavier than the more expensive team bike. This is a whopping 2.75 lb. drop over the 2015 model. Great front suspension, a fabulous frame and an excellent braking system make the Dakota D29 hard to pass up at any grouping level.

The pro model shares the same premium carbon frame as the team bike, so your set.

The drivetrain is a small step down from the team bike, which is to be expected of each subsequent model. The Dakota D29 Pro model runs SRAM GX components with 1×11 setup with a 10-42 rear cassette. This has dramatically reduced the overall weight of the bike, and is the smart choice for reliability as well.

A slightly heavier but tougher DT Swiss X 1800 wheelset for those who ride more aggressively or prefer rides on rougher terrain.

I believe this one of the best priced most competitive hard tail steeds on the market. For both national level racing and weekend warrior riding, this really is a true winner for the money! The price savings from the team model is huge at over $2000 saved, and the weight penalty is not huge, nor is the performance difference. This might be your next national race model. Buy the 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Pro Racing Mountain Bike here.

Sizing: (5 stars)
Componentry: (4 stars)
Design: (5 stars)
Performance: (4 1/2 stars)
Price Point: (4 stars)
Overall Rating: (4 1/2 stars)


Review Summary:

The 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Race Model Mountain Bike is (MSRP $2099) 25.5 lbs and comes in 3.25 lbs. heavier than the more expensive pro bike.

For 2016 this the frame is carbon as well, where last years was aluminum. The lower level components contributes greatly to the overall weight of the bike. As the name states “Race”, this will be no slouch in competitive events.

The front Rock Shox Recon Silver TK 29″, Solo Air spring compression, lever actuated lockout, 15mm axle, tapered alloy steerer, external rebound adjust, 100mm travel fork is a good mid level shock, but it would have been nice if they would have went with the gold, for a bit more adjustability. The WTB ST i19 TCS 29″ tubeless rims, Formula sealed bearing 6-bolt hubs, stainless spokes & brass nipples wheels are strong and a nice addition at this pricepoint as they are tubeless compatible out of the gate and I have had good success with formula hubs over the years.

For both occasional national level XC, Super-D racing and weekend warrior riding, this really is a true winner for the money! Get your hands on one of these today if it’s in your price range. Jamis consistently gives you more than other brands similar models at a lower price. Buy a 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Race Model Mountain Bike today.

Sizing: (5 stars)
Componentry: (3 1/2 stars)
Design: (4 stars)
Performance: (3 1/2 stars)
Price Point: (4 stars)
Overall Rating: (4 stars)


Review Summary:

The 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Comp Racing Mountain Bike is (MSRP $1299) 29.5 lbs and comes in 4 lbs. heavier than the Race model. It is the same weight as the 2015 model.

While the geometry on the frame matches the team bike, this frame is aircraft 6061 aluminum. This heavy duty aluminum frame, is tough and can handle a lot of abuse, hitting really aggressive XC trails with big XC decents.

The front Rock Shox Recon Silver TK, Solo Air spring, external rebound, TurnKey lockout adjust, 32mm stanchions, tapered aluminum steerer, 100mm travel is quality mid level fork. The gold would have been nice for the extra adjustability, but it is a great step up from last years model to get the 32mm stanchions as opposed to the 30mm stanchions on the 2015 model.

The drive train is goes from SRAM X5 in 2015 to Shimano Deore for the 2016 Jamis Dakota Comp, which should hold up if your ride rough for a 1-1 1/2 years. If you are plum loco, expect to be replacing various components in 6 months to a year. This is a great entry level model at great price point, it gets you on the trail and the geometry feels just right. It is no biggie to upgrade drive train as you can, its pretty affordable. It look like this model and the next down have the standard 9mm QR in the rear, if that matters to you.See what I mean.

Bonus: A solid entry level front fork is real a plus when your new, or on a tight budget. Most entry level models.

For weekend warrior riding, and with a few drive train upgrades you can will be ready to participate in your first local national race. This really a great bike with lots of potential for the money! Buy a 2016 Jamis Dakota D29 Comp Racing Mountain Bike and start pedaling in your free time.

Sizing: (5 stars)
Componentry: (3 stars)
Design: (3 1/2 stars)
Performance: (3 stars)
Price Point: (4 1/2 stars)
Overall Rating: (3 1/2 stars)


Wife’s 2011 Jamis Dakar XCR Comp having some fun at Brian Head UT


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