Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Review

Selecting the best XC mountain bike jersey can be a little daunting these days, as there are so many choices. Since the is definitely one of your closest, most relied on pieces of XC mountain bike apparel, let’s dive into the options used to determine what it the best XC mountain bike jersey review.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Material

With all the materials available, most jerseys are constructed out of polyester in the US. Personally I think polyester is poor choice of materials compared to merino wool. If you can get yourself an XC mountain bike jersey constructed from merino wool, this is the best option hands down.

Polyester is a petroleum based product that isn’t natural by any means. Since its in close contact rubbing against your skin many thousands of times per ride, you tell me what’s better, natural merino wool the is smooth as a babies skin, or polyester.

Furthermore polyester requires expensive coatings that wear off, which are also toxic to attempt to fight odor, and repel water.

Polyester is notorious for absorbing odors and simply refuses to release them, thus you are an XC mountain bike stink bomb coming down the trail.

Wouldn’t you know it, natural merino wool does all this without adding anything to it.

Plus merino wool breathes very well, and stays cool in hot weather, and provides ample warmth in colder climates. It is simply the perfect material, and definitely a consideration for selecting the best XC mountain bike jersey in our review.

Trust me, once you go merino wool, you will never want to put on another polyester POC again.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Design

When it comes to XC mountain bike jersey design, there are really only two options. Either a full zipper front or a 1/4 zipper V-neck style. Sometimes the V-neck style will be available with buttons as opposed to a zipper.

Full front zippers on an XC mountain bike jersey are nice in hotter climates where you have the option to open the entire jersey if you like. For my own personal taste, the zippers tend to irritate me, and lots of times bunch up in weird ways when I am leaning forwards.

Thus I prefer an XC MTB bicycle jersey with a 1/4 zipper or button style.

Also you can select between a short sleeve and long sleeve. Long sleeve isn’t just for colder weather, if you do a bunch of brush busting, or want more sun protection, this can be a wise investment.

Some of us even carry a second jersey we can change into we are doing a long ride uphill, to get to some good downhill trails. Short sleeve on the way up, and then long sleeve for a little extra protection on the way down and a fresh non-sweaty jersey.

Mileage may vary on which is the best XC mountain bike jersey for you, but the advice above is worth consideration.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Style

When it comes to style on XC mountain bike jerseys, while our XC mountain bike shorts might be a little boring, the manufactures more than make up for it on our XC mountain bike jerseys.

For stylish brands, I am a big fan of both Troy Lee Designs, Fox and Fly Racing XC mountain bike jerseys. I think all of these companies do a great job of providing a stylish color palette with good flair.

No doubt an XC mountain bike jersey can turn into a giant billboard for the manufacturer. For some this ideal, while other like to keep it simple.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Comfort

The right fit is important. Since there are so many different body types, including different races, fit can sometimes be hit or miss. Most XC mountain bike racers are looking for a tight fit in their XC mountain bike jersey, for both aerodynamics and to avoid rubbing / irritations over long distances.

If a jersey doesn’t fit you well, no matter how affordable it is, it simply is a bad investment. There is no reason to torture yourself all day just to save a few dollars.

Make every pedal spin enjoyable and only purchase the best XC mountain bike jersey that provides an excellent fit.

Also regarding comfort, consider the material and the seam construction. You can inspect the seams visually, and the tag will have all of the materials used in the construction. Avoid bad seam construction that might rub you wrong, or break apart.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Technology

XC mountain bike jersey technology primarily focuses on the use of industrial coatings to be applied onto not so friendly polyester. For some, this is amazing technology.

While others like myself understand that the best XC mountain bike jersey material comes directly from mother nature, requires no extra coatings and is called merino wool.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Price

When it comes to price, XC mountain bike jerseys usually run between $40-$130. You will definitely pay more for name brands, and more for merino wool than polyester.

Most XC mountain bike jerseys are discounted over the year, so occasionally you score a great deal.

Best XC Mountain Bike Jersey Conclusion

In my opinion the best XC mountain bike jersey is constructed of merino wool and is 1/4 V-neck style with a zipper or buttons. Generally these don’t have all the bling graphics and are simpler and more tasteful in design. Expect to pay $70-$100+ for something in this quality range.

If this isn’t for you, go polyester, since that is the material of choice being forced upon us for every other jersey available.

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