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xc-forkThe right fork, for the right riding conditions, matched properly with the right XC mountain bike, is poetry in motion for the rider. Almost every XC rider I know spends a lot of time browsing the net looking at XC mountain bike forks, checking them out at their local shop, and talking with other fellow riders about what the best fork to own. That’s great, but along with good advice often comes bad advice as well. How do you know what is good advice and what isn’t:

  1. One way is to listen to the pros. Be aware though that their advice doesn’t always consider your budget. Also their fork’s lower internals are often modified (valved to their weight, style and particular event) or switched to various black box components, so the fork you purchase, may not be the same.
  2. The second way is to read reviews and articles like this one, learning from the people that make sense, and discarding those that don’t.

Plenty of people shop for the advice they want to hear, because they have made up their mind to purchase something they really want, even if it isn’t a wise purchase. Let’s be honest, we have all done it before. You know rushed to make a purchase that wasn’t right, or for some reason everyone else had a great experience with the product except you!

That being said, here is my 2 cents on the matter of purchasing the best XC Mountain Bike Fork.

Let’s start with the lockout functions on higher end cross country mountain bike forks. There is no doubt if your racing professionally, or at least competitively the MTB fork lockout may have its place in specific conditions. However, if you are riding mostly recreational, it might just be one more gizmo you don’t use much.  Today’s XC / cross country mountain bike forks handle the lockout left on over very rough terrain, better than older models, but it is possible to still damage your fork. Also, just when you thought you were going to go be faster, savvy riders without their lockout on can go right by you if you don’t use it to perfection.

So if you plan on XC mountain bike racing and need that slight edge only an XC mountain bike fork lockout can deliver, get it.  If you aren’t quite that serious, perhaps you can live without it.

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